Michael Craddock
  Cashel , Co Tipperary
  +353-62-61041 or

Cutlery Drying and Polishing machines


Dries and polishes both stainless steel and silver cutlery.

Saves on labour , reduces time spent manually drying and polishing - eliminates use of towels.

Quick turn around of cutlery - reduces need to hold large stocks.

Simple to operate - one on/off switch .

Replacement of the natural granular product normally every 4 to 6 weeks depending on use.

Fitted with UV light to reduce bacteria.

Our new model table top drying and polishing machine.

Up to 3000 units per hour .

Cutlery in the process of being dried and polished .

Also available - floor standing machine . Capable of drying and polishing up to 7000 units per hour.

Because we buy in bulk and pay upfront ......... we can sell cheaper

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